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Auto Service Solutions

Jason Bill and Family have been clients for 14 years and this is the third iteration of the website, today the shop received 2-3 4-700.00 customers each week directly from this website and the SEO services.


Everyday Photography

Jaeff and Stacey have been clients since 2019, this website is the second iteration of there Photography site, Stacey the photographer was able to quit her day job and run her business and has had continued success since consulting with DM Creative and excepting the advice and guidance to ramp up quickly.


Twisted Business Show

Connie Kreiser of CMK Connections, is alsdo the Host, Executive Producer of a poscast, YouTube show and was looking for a low cost solution for her show’s website. I built hera site from our wireframe kit, and she loved it! We did’nt just build her website, we also designed the logo, created the podcast account and setup. I will also be handling their monthly newsletter, many of the digital services we offer


One Right Angle LLC

I worked for ORA for 3 years directly and they have had me build, manage and update and make revisions ona daily basis. In addition I also managed their Google accounts and ad account and they have seen the SEO begin to show results that they had unexpected and ooccaisionally I get more Logo or website design work

Annie's Jewels

This belongs to a Paparazzi Jewelry independent agent and she just needs a new income stream to add to her portfolio. The Pink is a Paparazzi staple and of course, was the theme we develop for her website. It is a good example of one of the storefronts we have built. This site was launched in August 2019


Adaptimize Marketing - Under Construction

Mr. Ben Thompson contacted ORA originally to design a logo and then eventually I produced his logoand I am currently working on his NEW website, which will incorporate DM Creative as a website developer for his clients as well. So it has been a great client to find. I also will be managing and hosting his clients websites as well.

Website Design & Development

We deliver innovative, affordable website designs and internet marketing solutions that enable businesses to establish visibility online, increase revenue, and improve their overall brand identity.

Client Only Managed Web Hosting

Many of our clients choose our Managed hosting service; this keeps it in-house where our staff manages all technical aspects of running WordPress on the server. This includes security, updates, speed, backups, website uptime.

Wireframe Kit

This is a new and revolutionary new website design platform unavailable anywhere in the marketplace today. It is a new way of developing websites with a collaboration between client and designer like no other; we are creating a new page with all the details and much on March 5th, 2022 launch date.