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Featured Work

Website Design

Zeus GoodBoy
Fan and Blog Site

Rescue American Pitbull Terrier with a growing fane base and sponsors, very cool Blog post written as Zeus the Dog who has a sense of humor and very sharp. Cool site, with photo gallery and much more….

Website Design

C&P Cleaning and Restoration Design

C&P is a disaster recovery company for residential and commercial homes and businesses. They contacted us first for a company logo, following that we begaan building and managing the website and hosting. This their first websiteww, been live since 2021.

Website Redesign

Adair Living History, INC

This project is our way of supporting a stellar Board of Directors who  found their site unfortunately redirecting to a site that had no realtion to their own site, causing lost donation opportunities and much more. So, as a charitable action we are donating much more of our technical sertvices including SEO in an effort to help them recapture there audience and drive donations for a necessary cause. We are currently in development of  a full redesign, domain, SEO and much more. In additon to donating our next tier digital servicess package and have provided two full years of hosting. When completed please take a look at the visuals, UX and UI and make a donation!

Website Development

Dryer Vent Wizard of the Valley

This project has been fun and very interesting. Mark Spurgeon the Owner of a Dryer Vent Franchise in Albany, Oregon has a working website, but was looking to maybe some time down the road maybe becoming an independent service provider. He reached out to us and we are developing a website parallel to his current site, keeping the branding and teeing  in the SEO from the old Franchise Domain for the one we are developing. There is a lot more content in the dryer vent industry then I thought. Anyhow we are slow rolling it out and will likely launch in the next 6 months to a year. Great client to work with and fun project.

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