How Does Web Hosting Work?

To bring your website from your local computer to the live worldwide web, you’ll need web hosting services.

There are over 1.8 billion websites, and it is through hosts that we can view them on the internet.

Even the article you’re reading is accessible because of hosting services.

Let’s find out more about this vital part of the world wide web.

What Is Web Hosting?

Before understanding the hows of Web Hosting, let’s explore what it really is.

To make your website accessible worldwide, you cannot merely ‘put’ it on the internet.

Think of renting a stall at a funfair event. You’ll need to go through the event organizers to be allotted a stall before you can display your goods.

Similarly, to reach the web, you’ll need to pass through a ‘Web Hosting provider’ who will grant you space on a server on the internet.

Through this, computers connected to the internet worldwide can reach your site.

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Steps To Hosting Your Website:

Website Hosting requires a combination of software and hardware to operate.

  1. Website and Domain Name:

Firstly, you need a website. Design your own or avail digital agencies’ designing services.

Once it’s ready to be revealed, you purchase a domain name or the URL. This is the address you type into the browser’s address bar to access a website.

  1. Web Hosts:

The next step is reaching out to a Web Host. Web Hosts are companies that provide website hosting services and manage numerous servers.

  1. Servers and Data Centers:

A server is a powerful computer that securely houses your website’s data and displays it on the internet.

Servers are installed in data centers. There are over 8 million data centers worldwide. They are physical infrastructure for the storage of servers under suitable conditions. Hosting companies own these centers.


How Does Web Hosting Work?

The web host rents out space on its servers. To connect to the internet, you purchase that space and store your website data on it. This consists of posts, images, videos, etc., that form your website.

Now, when a visitor opens your website’s URL, their browser will access your data on the servers through the internet and show your website. The servers run 24/7, so websites can be accessed round the clock.

Finally, your website is on the internet and can be viewed from anywhere, at any time.

Types Of Web Hosting

Imagine going on a house-hunt. You would select the house that suits your requirements best, be it in size, style, or even location.

Likewise, web hosts will offer you multiple types of services. Select the one most suitable for your website and its specifications.

Some common types are:

  1. Shared Hosting:

Best for beginners or small websites, this affordable service is low maintenance and doesn’t require advanced technical skills. The server is shared by several websites, similar to how roommates share an apartment.

  1. VPS (Virtual Private Server):

A step up from Shared Hosting, this type of service, although with a shared server, offers you more autonomy. With more room for customization, this is a reliable service for medium-sized businesses.

  1. Dedicated Server:

Unlike the services mentioned above, the resources and server are entirely dedicated to your website. With complete control and customization, this is ideal for larger websites with more traffic.

Though it is costlier, the website runs at peak performance with a high uptime rate and loading speed.

Studies show how losses may be faced if loading the site takes too long, so it should take no more than a 2-second delay. With dedicated servers, this can indeed be avoided.

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  1. Managed Hosting:

With automatic updates and maintenance managed by the hosting company, this is a secure and popular service.  It maintains a good flow and control of traffic along with other valuable benefits.

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