7 Stages of Web Design

When we think about web design, aspects such as visuals, site speed, and wireframe come to mind.

Of course, they are the heart and soul of website designing.

However, creating a web design is, in fact, very similar to any other project.

You have a motive — why you want to design the website.

Then, you lay out an effective strategy to see it through.

So, precisely what stages does a website go through in its designing phase? Let’s find out.

  1. Setting Goals

The first and foremost step in the process of web design is setting your goals.

Not every website is developed for the same purpose. Some use it to attract customers; others spread awareness through their websites.

From the start, you should be crystal clear of what you are hoping to achieve. This would include who your target audience is, are there other websites offering the same, etc.

Set your targets, and your website will be designed accordingly.

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  1. Defining The Scope

Once you have identified your goals, move onto deciding the scope for the website.

This includes what features you would like and what web pages it would require to fulfill the goals mentioned above.

Common features include:

  • Easy navigation,
  • Product visuals,
  • Product-centric content,
  • Trendy user experience


  1. Creating The Sitemap And Wireframe

For any successful website, this step is the one that bridges your website’s content with its features.

The sitemap covers what webpages will be a part of your website and how visitors are navigated. On the other hand, the wireframe chalks out how your content will be displayed on those pages.

Thus, together they form a blueprint of how your website will turn out.

  1. Creating Your Content

With your pages and their layouts planned, you now have to decide the content to place on them. This is what will drive viewer engagement for your site.

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Start by creating each webpage separately while integrating search engine optimization with your content.

Your written content should be up-to-date, informative, and rich with keywords. This helps your website turn up in relevant search results.

The visuals should be eye-catching yet not overwhelming. Try a blend of images, videos, and animations.

  1. Branding

Branding is the most exciting part of the entire process because you get to decide the domain name, the color theme, and most importantly, design your logo!

Essentially, the goal is to give you a creative yet easy-to-remember name, give your website an aesthetically pleasing color theme, and make your logo minimal yet attractive.

Apart from establishing your position in the future and gaining visual appeal, they also give your brand the identity it needs.

  1. Testing Your Site

Having designed, integrated, and established all your theoretical plans into practice, it all comes down to the final verdict, the testing stage.

During this intense challenge, use the manual browsing technique on multiple devices simultaneously to look out for any bugs or errors and fix them at the earliest.

Apart from these, the testing procedure’s primary goal is to identify the problems that users face and how to make sure all links and pages are operational.

Discovering issues at this stage is far better than when your site is operational, and the user experience is interrupted.

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  1. Launching Your Site

Once you are entirely sure that the website is in complete working order with zero bugs and interface issues, it’s time to set your website out into the world.

Carefully set a launch time and your communication strategies, i.e., when to launch your website and how to inform the world that you are finally online.

After you’ve decided these, you are ready to fly!

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